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Need4 DVD Burner - a powerful tool to burn DVD and CD with any type of content - data, audio or video - in just a few clicks.

Use Need4 DVD Burner to burn AVI to DVD, WMV to DVD, MPEG to DVD, FLV to DVD, MP4 to DVD, 3GP to DVD and others!

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Automatically Improve Quality of Your Videos when Burning Video DVDs

With Need4 DVD Burner, you can easily improve the quiality of your video before burning it to DVD. You do not have to be an expert in adjusting video settings or waste time trying to find the best color balance - our magic Automatic filter will do everything for you!

Step 1. Launch
Need4 DVD Burner.

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Step 2. Add Video To Burn

Click the plus button at the bottom of the window to select video files to burn. Hit Open to add them to the list of opened files.


Step 3. Improve The Quality of Your Video

Click the Edit... button next to the video you want to improve. Then hit the Enhance button and your movie will automatically get balanced in color and contrast. To do editing, you can also click the star button next to the movie in the list of opened files.

Now you can burn you video as usual.


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